Blog Action Day: One Simple Way to Save the Environment

Today is Blog Action Day, a global moment of significance.  This year's focus is on being better stewards of the environment.  One can find tons of quality posts on the topic, just by visiting here.

My suggestion for being more environmentally responsible: get simple. 

  • With your property, use less that can harm and more of nature that can help. 

  • With your home, use fewer harmful products and take the time to keep things clean and tidy.

  • With your desk, think about zoning.  The neater you keep things, the more you'll enter into the zone.  Why is this environmental?  Less stuff means less dust.

  • With the next purchase of a car, ask, "Do I really need bigger and better?"

  • With the next thought of a new gadget, think "Can my old one be recycled?"

The best thing about getting simpler in life isn't so much about what changes it will produce outside of ourselves.  It's the interior calm that is the result, enabling us to get in touch with God and the people who matter most in life.  How will your day be simpler?

MinistryMike StPierre