Thoughts from the Sabbath

I was at church yesterday for a marriage prep workshop (can't believe we were participants 9 years ago!) and picked up a helpful resource for folks who are trying to carve out a genuine day off each week.  The tips included:

  • Reexamine busyness.  If you are trying to rest on the weekend but find your Monday-thru-Friday commitments creeping into Sunday, step back and evaluate the cost of these activities.

  • Imagine a "snow day".  Think of Sabbath as if you were a kid and had a day off from school.  You slept late, poked around the house and spent time with your family.

  • Set realistic goals. If a full day off doesn't seem doable now, aim for an afternoon of rest each weekend.  After a month, go for the whole day.

Source: Our Caring Church,

SabbathMike StPierre