Friday Focus and Wisdom of the Week

Friday Focus

With the Columbus Day weekend behind us, we've had a four day week.  For whatever reason, I always feel like we cram five days of work into four, leaving most of us exhausted and ready for ... another three day weekend.  Strange but true.  What's your weekend strategy for rebounding from a tiring week?

Wisdom of the Week

Seth Godin has a fantastic piece about creating a website that is simple and effective.  While there are probably thousands of blog posts about the same topic, his take is still fresh and helpful.

Craig Huggart has a solid post about leaving your Google Reader at work.  Having basically ditched GR due to work demands, I find this a helpful reminder of GR's ability and speed.

Pick The Brain is a new discovery for me and I immediately put in my subscription.  Their post, Where is God in the Brain? is very interested and a tad controversial.

Last but not least, LivSimpl has a great series on memory tools.  So far they've covered Remember the Milk, Moleskines and Jott.  Nice work guys.